Thursday, January 25, 2007

hey I'm like only half awake now =s

hope whoever went for fac dance had fun! (even though we were relatively parnterless) just go for the fun lah. don't worry that ppl will look at you, cos no one will! (unless you dance like SUPER NICE, like fac comm) even though it's dead tiring.

I hate talking about work, but still must say this. econs independent study thing to do! *cringe* and supposed to have 5 grps per class. so have to find your grp mates soon. (can choose right?)

yay huang cheng ppl jia you! hope you all have a smashing performance when the time comes!

oh and the ppl who ordered dramafeste tickets, i'll get if for you as soon as possible, k? i only have 3 friday tics, so I'll go look for one more...

yeps... that's all for now!

hong ling

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