Monday, June 25, 2007


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Monday, June 18, 2007


im here to blog~! hahaha i realised that people dont check out our class blog anymore, and we dont

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Thursday, June 14, 2007


hmmm...i was just thinking since our class blog has been deserted for so long...when kelly,yuxuan come back from africa will surely be quite disappointed,so i shall add new post!!!! Since jessamin n i returned from our ocip trip, i shall share some of the pictures here!!!!!!=) YingHan can share his cambodia one if free n others who came back from trips or even took picts in spore do share ok! WE ARE A CLASS! NOT STRANGERS!(2 yrs tgt is not short,nor is it long...but if we just let it pass like'll be a lifetime of me.)

Hmmm...basically, jessamin n i together w other 23 GREAT frenz in hwa chong n 3 wonderful teachers n 2 terrific facillitators, went to China, Yinchuan, some place near inner mongolia for ocip! though some may think spend $$ go ocip for 10 days may be alittle ex or waste time...etc...but the experiences earned, the memories, the lessons worth so much so much so much more.... We went there to teach eng,handicraft,comp lessons, painted murals,refurbished library,helped do up their dorms n played w e kids!!!!!! all of us MISS it there LOTS!

ok...thats all folks! enjoy e photos n do post if u haf anything to share k!n i mean ANYTHING!
btw,happy belated b'day to yinghao!!!!!!!!!n's b'day's cmg sooooooon!pw mate!lol.


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