Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hey guys, paiseh I only put up suggestions for CIP now ><

The organisation we're considering (and almost certainly) working with is the Melrose Home, a branch of the Children Aid's Society. Melrose Home is situated next to Ngee Ann Poly (very near KAP/BTP). It provides a nurturing environment for children who require residential facilities, and aims to help these children return back to their families as soon as possible.

I think Kelly's idea of a zoo excursion is very cool! Heh shall attempt to expand it based on my experience in guides:

Instead of a simple walk-around, let's have a mini amazing race for the children! We can split them up into small groups, and we can be their game marshalls. They'll have to go to various exhibits/places based on clues they are given, then do tasks at the stations (we are also station i/cs) to earn points and the clue to the next station. The tasks would be simple and easily within their abilities, like a simple song-and-dance or treasure hunt. The tasks can be related to flora and fauna, so we can spread the message of conserving the earth in a fun manner!


Things to note:
We have to find out age group of children (I forgot to ask >< And it's not on their website) to tailor the activities to their liking

Children get tired/restless easily, we probably can't make them walk extremely long distances. Even with breaks & refreshments in between the activities shouldn't be too long, so must plan route carefully

Need to reccee! Last time I went zoo was in sec 4, think it's changed a bit >< Who's been to the zoo recently?

Kids probably have their favourite must-see exhibits! (e.g. polar bears and animal shows?) So must factor into the trip~

Costs. I think we should pay for it, regardless of whether the Melrose Home offers to share the bill. Do our part for those less fortunate than us =) It's a good incentive to keep costs low and sensible too.


Yep please chip in ideas! This is as much for us as it is for the kids! We should have fun too~

I'm sorry I'll be fairly busy after school almost everyday till May 18th due to ELDDFS' SYF/main production these 3wks... so uhm I can contribute to discussions during school hours and at night. After that should get better...


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Friday, April 25, 2008

Yo yo! Now is my turn to update the class blog!!! Though there aren't many pics but hope you enjoy it :)

Well firstly I would like to thank the juniors for being so ON! Thank you for adhering to the theme and came all dressed up... in all yr cute PYJAMAS haha!

Let's take a look at what we did for STJ. Shall we?

Before STJ started, all of us were warming up at diff corners of the hall, waiting for the party to get started.
So some of us played the table soccer:

Here's the boys at WAR!

Now the girls turn! Who says girls know nothing bout soccer?

And who says aunties on the streets are noobies? Look! Aunty can be hip too... aunty can play vigorous activities like table soccer too! *as proven by aunty kel :)*

While others played a game of BADminton! Look at our star players :) Don't they look weird?

Take at look at this. Nice pose there! But don't you agree they looked like they just escaped from IMH? Esp when one wears a PYJAMAS and holds a giraffe in hand???

Oh look closely at this pic... not at SC but at the racket... anything wrong?

Well SC tried his best to beat hos opponent but tried TOO HARD and the shuttle got stuck between the net! haha

Then there are others who just laz around...

and smiles *retardedly*

Then its MAKAN time! Looks like the food is really YUMMY!

Then its cam whore time! Obvious we must capture all these once in a lifetime moments!

Toot toot, please queue up! Oh wait got 人妖! haha QS just proved to us the he is 有”料“之人!Not bad...

Hey guys wad cha doing? Look how evil Calvin looks! Poor SC...

The 3 girls cam-whoring!

Another 3 girls cam-whoring! But my pose almost same hor?

Have you seen hippos mate?

XR is so proud of her girrafe! She brings it everywhere...

Who says that only girls cam-whore? Look below:

Cal and QS close up pic!!!!

A13 girls pic:

Just like one FAMILY!

Lovely aren't we?

Then seniors and juniors girls pic

Nicolette's drank??? Or is it just late??

Then seniors girls and EXTRA??? no offence boy! :)

Cam whoring can occur anytime anywhere. Looks like we can join H3 in cam-whoring haha!

Well STJ ended on a high note with lots of fun, joy and laughter! Thank Eileen for the catering and wonderful place! Thank all who came and those who dr3ssed up! Thank all who helped in one way or another to make this a success! Do look forward to more class activities! BYE!

cheers, mar ho

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

haha im feeling a little lazy now ha so shant upload that much pictures.

but ive uploaded all at facebook, my blog and yeah :) just go and grab luh :P

lalala or ask me fer the pictures :P

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Yoz A13s!!!! Are you guys feeling excited? The long awaited STJ is finally here. Here are some things to look forward to:

1. NICE YUMMY FOOD: There is a variety of food ranging from lip-smacking finger food, to delicious meat, to tasty vegetables and even mamamia dessert! Its totally heavenly!!!

2. A WHOLE LINE-UP OF FANTASTIC GAMES: Fret not! The seniors had came up with fun activities to spice up yr mundane life! So while eating, you can have some FUN! Just be sporty and join us in the games. Guarantee that yr night will be one of the most MEOMORABLE one!

3. WACKY THEME: How can a party not have a theme? Well the theme of our STJ is “dare to DREAM”. Ah I anyhow say one. Anyway you guys MUST come attired in yr PYJAMAS! Those without will have to do forfeits (you will never want to try them ☺). Also yr pyjamas MUST be unique and authentic, meaning it is not just shorts and shirts, but really those cute outfits! (Please dress decently and PLEASE BE CLAD IN CLOTHES!) Not only MUST you be dressed according to the theme, you MUST also bring along stuff to enhance the wacky idea. For instance, you may bring along yr teddy bear, wear yr sleeping cap or bring yr bedroom slippers. Just anything that will add bonus to make the whole theme a success!

4. PRIZES: Attractive prizes are to be won. There may even be the crowning of Miss and Mr best outfit or wadeva. Just come and you will fond out ☺ heehee

5. GETTING TO MAKE FRIENDS: This is one of the rare opportunities that the seniors and juniors can bond and get to know each other. So don’t let this chance slip by!

Doesn’t it all sound EXCITING and you are dying for the day to come? So here are the details:

Address: 59 Hume Park, Parc Palais, Multi-purpose hall (The green colour condominium is Parc Palais, Block 59 second floor is the Multipurpose Hall)

How to get there?
1.Nearest MRT: Bukit Batok MRT
From the MRT, get to the interchange right next to it and take 173. The journey is approximately 10-15min so unable to count no. of bus stops(quite alot). Can ask the bus uncle, the bus stop to alight is hillview green. It is when the bus goes through a roundabout and the first stop after it goes up the hill. By then u will reach bus stop NEAREST to the condo! Then walk to the green apartment just across the road!

2. From bus-stop right outside school
Take 171,170,961,67 and alight at 4th stop after Beauty World, Bukit Timah Shopping Centre. The busstop should be like under a hill. then walk up the long stairs nearest to the busstop and walk all the way up the hill till u see the green condominium.
Other buses at the bus stop: 178,75,184

3. Take a taxi! Just give the above address ☺ Smart hor!
*If you are lost just contact any seniors, preferably Eileen or Marilyn.
So what are you waiting for? Why hesitate? Come join us this Sunday, 20th April at 4pm. It will end around 9pm. So CYA there in yr breath-taking outfit and don’t be late!


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