Thursday, November 22, 2007

Hey Lit kids,

Bumped into Miss Heng the other day, details of the poetry reading at which she is reciting at are out. Click here for more details, it's the very first programme on the list.

In short:

Date: 1st Dec 2007, Saturday
Time: 1pm
Event: The Poet's Corner: Nordic Exposure
Venue: The Living Room (I think it's at the Art House)
Price: Free

Happy hols!

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Monday, November 05, 2007

I <3 07A13!

Hello my dears! Thanks for the gorgeous, happy, PINK CHEER BEAR cushion! Haha :)

I love it so much!

Whenever I look at it, I'll be CHEERed to think of the happy times we shared as a class!

Every single one of you has really been a joy to have. It's really fun being around you guys. From the hilarious Orientation skit, to the acting (on and off stage haha, you drama queens/kings), to the occasional happy-bonding breakfasts (which I "emotionally blackmailed" you into), to the BELOVED black book, to the occasional chit-chats and The Secret, to the "wo mian fei" Fos, to the treasue hunt at the beach, to the many many laughy, heart-warming moments that cannot be written down, because there are just too MANY of such instances :) I will remember them...

In the coming year, continue to strive hard in all that you do. Study hard and play hard! Always treasure the friends you have around you, because they are the ones who will see you through when the going gets tough!

Enjoy the holidays and recharge for the new year ahead! Take care and of course, laugh more!

I will leave you with a joke:

Between Swensens and Andersens of Denmark, who is the nerd?


Andersens of Denmark, because he damn mug!

Haha. Courtesy of mei mei ;)

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