Thursday, March 29, 2007

Yo darlings =)

Ok this is a message I got from senior class regarding STJ.

It's scheduled for next Thurs, 5 April. In the evening. (Friday's Good Friday) I don't know the venue, but that's the date.

Ok anyone who cannot make it must say so hor! I know Marilyn said she's not free.

[EDIT]If council elections is on Tuesday, does that mean we have NO HISTORY TEST and GP?

I realise not everyone checks class blog, so I'll bring it up tomorrow.

All council nominees jia you!! Chill and don't stress up too much k? Everything's gonna be a-okay and you know we'll be here for you guys ;)

Much love!!
hong ling

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Ok lame jokes time =) rahr getting stressed rushing my application form for something, but I guess it can't beat our council nominees!!

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any possilbe brain damage caused by the following ><

Contributed by Kelly (answers at the bottom)

1) Why does Fedex have so many children?

2) Two friends walked into Cold Storage and one of them started laughing. Why?


This one is by my friend:

A red-necked ah beng tries to learn logic from a philosopher:

Phil: Do you have a lawn mower?

AB: Yes.

Phil: That probably means you have a lawn, right?

AB: Uh huh

Phil: Which probably means you have a house?

AB: Yea, yea, yea! I do. Wow you're smart.

Phil: And if you have a house you probably have a family?

AB: Wah you can read my mind ah?

Phil: And if you have a family it means you're probably straight.

AB: Yea! Thank you thank you, I've learnt logic today!

The next time ah beng meets his friend, he asks him: Do you have a lawn mower?

Friend: No

AB: If you don't have a lawnmower it means you're gay.



1) Because they live to DELIVER

2) Because there was a funny smell

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LOL (: YO! its wednesday FINALLY (:

ta-da. we started the day with boring lessons ( history&math)
ta-da. dont need to say, i tink you guys know who am i rite, with this penguin and busy helping it camwhore. yinghao wanted to join too. TOTALLY CANNOT STAND HIM GRAH.
JINGXIAN LIBRARY - haha PW with mrs ong. HAH LOL
quoted from yuxuan ' jin-sian' library. HAHA
but i swear pw was fun today. HAHA we found pleasure in playing dumbo games. HAHAHA really crazy,whereas the rest was busy catching up with naps n maybe, homework? HAHA (: OOPS.

((: jiayou!

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

HARLO. to all the student-leader-wannabes out there, jiayou!

People might say stuff about you, and it;s alright for you to worry for awhile, but dont go overboard, dont let if affect you! Easier said than done, yup, but its always like this.

Okay short post! Jiayou especially to Qingsheng, Linghuan, Simchun, Lingxiu.

OKay to all the rest remember to try to study hard, play hard and VOTE(RED) ^,^V

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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Pffttt...had to do CSE project just now after returning sad...took so long to complete the project...when i was looking through found some interesting photos take i took before...

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Hey... Just to fill those who missed out on the action in (I hope I got the positions right):

ARES achievements:

Badminton: First
Basketball Boys: First
Basketball Girls: Third
Floorball: Fourth
Table Tennis: First
Ultimate Frisbee: Third
Volleyball Boys: Second
Volleyball Girls: Second
War Paint Competition: First

Yeah they haven't finished tabulating the prize money, but I suspect we will be awarded close to $300.

Table tennis was fantastic =) They won every other fac! Haha... Sim Chun has a lot of style!! Vball and Bball guys pretty much owned it. And the Vball gals rocked: They won Athena 21-1 by serving! Woo-hoo!

Thank you the FANTASTIC ORGANISING COM for all their efforts! Everyone have a good rest k?

p.s.: Those with photos, do upload!!

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HELO a13 <3<3<3

HAHAHA ((: I just woke up *yawns* ok, i know this is quite bad. I p**nned Games Day. LOL jetlagjetlag. Anyway, i hope ares is the 大赢家 for the day (: we're seriously lagging too much behind in terms of points. HAHAHA but i have faith in the guys from our class, we'll win rite! YAY

Anyways, anyways. I MISS MEIJI-our math tutor, mr yap. OH MY GOSH. for thos lucky chaps who got mr yap, im serious so ENVIOUS. NONO, i should say, JEALOUS~!!!! hahahahaha, how can i not be in my idol's class la, seriously. But i would say Mr tan is one good teacher too, we'll defnitely fly high for math! (: 谁怕谁~ 3^5=21 (:

HAHAHA And also, we've started our PW lessons. MUAHAHAHA -censored content- BUT BUT BUT i know we're all good students and we'll hand in every piece of assignment on time, and we'll all pay attention during lecture+tutorials rights? (: 谁说我们是好学生?-你妈啦!( if u get what i mean.)

ANYWAYS. i shall end my post here before i get 'executed'. Besides this blog is not 'private' so i better not say too much. HAHA (: jiayoujiayoujiayou.

this crap post. *YAWN* and i dont tink the blog will be dead la, we all simply love blogging and camwhoring. SO.. JIAYOU!
BANG BANG~! I love CHUN's gun!
and this is qinsheng and his love. (: AWWW sleeping during math lect

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

hey y'all! its qinsheng here (:

its GAMES DAY tmr. and yes, ARES will work towards winning as much cash as possible for fac outing! though games day is obviously an event to prevent us C1s from ponning school, but do give your utmost support and have fun! to the people who're participating in sports, jiayou and do your best!

for your information, these are the people taking part in the various sports:
1) table tennis - simchun, yiyuan
2) badminton - yinghao, kelly, linghuan
3) basketball(boys) - yuxuan, shuohan
4) volleyball(boys) - calvin, qinsheng
5) volleyball(girls) - xuerong

i think thats all? im not sure haha. do update me if you're playing in any sport! by the way the pictures for yesterday's birthday celebration is still in my phone. ill post them soon (: till then, seeya and enjoy tmr!

posted by qinsheng at 11:18 PM long nv blog le...o!i think sooner or later our blog's gonna go pretty dead,v limited pple blogging horx...*calling out for pple to post!* e cse teacher SUPER nice...let us off 30min earlier during our makeup think e class all v v v tired le la...though e video's pretty interesting...(better than csc for me)YAY!!!since gt 30min earlier home n tmr's founder's day----NO LESSONS! i shall contribute a post!!!!!!!!clap clap clap...zi high...mad le:D start off....WELCOME LITING N XUERONG!lol...last time rachel said we didn't mention her in blog when she come so shall nt repeat e mistake to newcomers for our class!haha,i think all e ny pple know n luv u 2 YAY!u 2 muz be niceeeee sweet pple!

what else...oh...shall track back to behind cheng end le!actually now no more huang cheng feel quite sad at times coz 2+mths routine/pple all disappeared at a go...haiz...nvm...glad e whole huang cheng went well.oh!n kelly ahhhh...dun need keep saying e "fu chu fu chu" line in e script variety de!no horx...i nt some weird emo murderer la!shen jing de worx. haha anyway, xie xie to a13 for coming to watch/support/buy flower!~=D did u pple's holidays went?! though only 1 week horx..but super gd la...i watched "music n lyrics","stomp e yard" movies n dvd for "pursuit of happyness" heeeeeeeee...happy.stomp e yard v gd movie!!! some dance movie...i recommend u pple to watch!!!!!!=)ohhh! n i rmb right after that movie went to billybombers for calvin n sc bday dinner!lol...y so few pple went ah!but ms liew kinda nice to drop by!it's v funny how our class always take ages after meals etc. to decide where to go...that day also...then went mrt prank call guobin! haha...super funny kel n sc.anyway...hope u 2 guys n JOLYN N CAROLYN had a happy bdayyyy...

okeeeeeeee...zooooooom to NOW! sch reopen le...i think v short hols so nt abt to yay for sch reopen but oh well...cant help it yea?! seem to hear alot that after first 3 mths no more fooling n honeymoon etc. haiz...i guess we nt really in e mood to mug yet..tired ah.but oh well...can try haf fun n study at e same timex ehx!? (hope so)yup. i gt a v gd grand senior ah...hcjc was kinda a torture to her for 2 yrs la...v sad...but she was pretty funny when we talked.she told me "dun let hc kill e spirit in u! esp. when u keep failing or smtg...keep mugging!" LOL...but haha...she also said gt a gd class will help make 2 yrs more bearable cum enjoyable.she didn't get such a 1 la...but i think i do haf a gd class far i've nv thought otherwise....oh short...hope this 2 yrs' fun etc. will surpass our expectations!(in positive way,that is)

hao le...this is v v v long msg!yay!!! J2 SENIORS JIA YOU FOR BLOCKS...LEFT ABIT MORE ONLY!!! ok...for tmr founders' day pple involving may u all get LOADS of FUNNNNNNN...thats e main pt i think...ok fac pts too so we haf $$$ for ares outing!yay! cya pple tmr le! today's a happpppppy day! tmr tooooo! yay! (crazy le) bb!

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Ok. anyway. I found something like this on Yvonne's blog. Just thought I would tell you all.

Founder's Day War Paint Competition

Faculties will be judged based on:
1) The number of students with their faces painted. Students with faces painted must be in their faculty shirts.

2) The aesthetic appeal and creativity of the design.

3) The enthusiasm and number of supporters at each of the competition venue.

4) Marks will be deducted if supporters are caught jeering at other faculties.

Yep yep. So if you can, do get your faces painted! [Jasmine, Lynn and I will be there too ;)]It's not like a whole face a la chinese opera thing. Mainly the cheeks, if I am not wrong. But if you all have sensitive skin then don't risk it lah ><


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Monday, March 19, 2007

Haha paiseh i took so long, but pictures of calvin's and my birthday celebration at billybombers' are here at long last.

the girls
the 3

messing around

calvin talking to his <3 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">qs

qs and dijie

yuxuan and a third of my face.

chins up yo!

calvin's face yuck

yuxuan's face mmhm :Di never...

ms liew!

cake-cutting :D


no, chupachops

calvin what kind of expression is that.



A13! most of us, anyway(:


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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy Birthday Calvin!!

Ok this entry looks very flippant compared to the very serious one before it >< Don't tell me I'm turning bimbotic *panic*

Whee... doing Lit homework is killing my brain cells >< We're supposed to research on 18th century Britain. And I'm supposed to do Dress/Costumes. Which may not actually be apt for me, even though you would think a typical girl would be interested in fashion. I happen not to have the patience to sit down with fashion magazines and note trends and such. I just anyhow-hantum-and-whack-if-it-looks-good-and-it's-affordable-then-buy-it, if and when I go shopping.

My only saving grace is that I have some sort of interest in ancient Western dress style. That is, 14th-18th century.

But I can't complain because I think the rest are having it worse ><

Oh and I am thinking of printing out class photos, labelling the faces and giving them to our new classmates. I guess it would help them remember the names more easily? Any objections?

Ok, the rest of this random entry will be about birthdays!! You know, I always thought that most parents when doing family planning would want to have their babies in June/late November till December so they can celebrate their kids' birthdays during school hols. At least while they are still kids. But it seems I know more March/April/May babies. [Hits and misses?]

4th: Olivia (jnr)
6th: Esther (jnr)
8th: Adeline (batchmate)
14th: Silin (friend)
15th: Sim Chun
16th: Cheong Seng (my 宝贝表弟! <3) and Joshua (Lit tutorial classmate)
17th: Calvin, Yee Kai, Christal (friend)
18th: Jo (friend)
19th: Valerie (jnr)

April: (I think got couple more guides, but I can't rmbr now ><)
1st: Vic-ki (jnr)
2nd: Tian Yi (friend)
4th: My sis! and Mei Ting (jnr)
12th: Ying Ling (friend)
13th: Yiyuan
15th: Kelly
17th: Ling Huan
18th: Heng Hui (friend)

May: (I think still have some more of my snrs)
4th: Zhi Hao (ex-classmate fr way back)
7th: Evelyn (jnr) and Hui Min (jnr)
9th: Kai Yun (jnr)
10th: Gwen (friend)
12th: Yanan
13th: Bo Hao (also ex-classmate fr way back) and Hong Hao
14th: me
15th: Lynn
16th: Wen Hui (snr)
19th: MJ (batchmate) and Rachel (jnr)
26th: Qian (friend)
31st: Big Mel (snr)

So as you can see, May is a month where guides go broke buying gifts for each other ><

Anway, we have birthdays coinciding with our senior class! 17th March is Calvin & Yee Kai, 12th May is Yanan & Kenneth (Yanan, did I get it right?)

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Friday, March 16, 2007

Who am I?
That the lord of all the earth,
Would care to know my name,
Would care to feel my hurt.
Who am I?
That the bright and morning star,
Would choose to light the way,
For my ever wandering heart.

Who am I?
That the eyes that see my sin
Would look on me with love
And watch me rise again.
Who am I?
That the voice that calmed the sea,
Would call out through the rain,
And calm the storm in me.

Not because of who I am,
But because of what you've done,
Not because of what i've done,
But because of who you are,

I am a flower quickly fading,
Here today and gone tomorrow,
A wave tossed in the ocean,
A vapour in the wind.
Still you hear me when I'm calling,
Lord, you catch me when I'm falling
And you've told me who I am.
I am Yours

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Hello my darlings =)

Very, very good news =) And direct from Miss Liew, so it can't be wrong.


WHEE... It can't get any better than that =) YAY I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!! Ok, in addition to that, we are getting 3 new classmates, two gals and a guy. So get ready to welcome them, people. [No we aren't the biggest arts class. A11 has 30)

See you all on Monday!

hong ling

OH WAIT. One more thing:Face Paining Committee really needs some manpower!! So if you all have nothing to do, please come join us!

You really, REALLY don't have to have a flair for art (heaven knows I can't draw to save my life) We're using STENCILS and Yvonne tested them today. She says they look real good ;) Yah so you can come tell me, or better yet, email/call Bonn to tell her yeah?


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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Its the 70th post! HAHA. Never mind.
Tomorrow's the posting of our classes! Argh.
By the way, everyone do try to make it for tmr's outing! Its a celebration of a SPECIAL UNION between two people who've known each other since primary school (not to mention both with different sexual orientations) (: heh. Meet 6pm at bugis mrt. We're going billy bombers to makan. Bring cash yeah. By the way those who've not paid for JTS please do so!

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Monday, March 12, 2007

Listening to | Hold Me | Savage Garden

Hey people =)

Huang Cheng was AWESOME!! Thank you all the Huang Cheng Ren for putting up such a exhilirating performance! You all really put SO MUCH EFFORT into props, lights, and sounds to make the whole thing even more believable. And the acting was quite superb too!!

Kelly, you were SOOO GOOD!! I loved your character! Eileen was convincing; I could feel the lady's 心酸故事... And the emcees really hammed it up =) For a moment I thought it was a rehash of dramafeste when Ying Han came out with the ghostly makeup... [Mian Rong is so adorable =)] And Kudos to Jessamin, Marilyn and Ying Hao for your contributions to make the show a success as well!!

A pity I couldn't stay on after the show to tell you all that in person... =s But anyway, I'm sure everyone loved you all too!!

And just a side note, to thank the 06A13 seniors for keeping a lookout for my sis =) [She was sitting upstairs] Made me more 安心 to know my sis wasn't alone.

Hmm... two months from now it'll be ELDDFS' turn... >< Starting to get excited and nervous about the whole production process... Will probably be having auditions after the seniors' block tests... I heard we're doing a comedy this year. If so happen that I am acting, the huang cheng ppl must 多多指教!

Rahr. I am supposed to be in school now. Doing research for Lit and also about the APEX charity funfair. BUT I'm stuck at home until the washing machine finishes its cycle and I've hung the clothes - -"

Ok, this is for the huang cheng people cos I brought it up during CT session but you all weren't there >< By majority vote, the class would be interested in participating in the APEX funfair that I mentioned previously. So. The CIP rep would go and find out the details (who what when where how) and the stuff we need to prepare. Hopefully they'll remember my face/name from earlier this year and let us do it =)

And also, by majority vote, if we run short on manpower, we will ask if our senior class would like to join us. [except Lincoln, who thinks we should work with my guides juniors] Let's take this one baby step at the time. Cos I'm also not too sure about the admin procedures we might need to go through on the school's side.

Ok, random thought: If cameras are meant to capture accurate images of people, then why is it that some people are "photogenic", whereas others are not? Like I don't look like me in the majority of my pics. [except maybe my baby photos?] Unlike say, my husband, Prince Yan, who claims s/he is "a hotblooded, testosterone-charged male okay". (Dear, have i told you your pics are gorgeous)

See you all when school reopens! Hope Ling Huan's having the time of her life in Japan! All those running for council, all the best! All those involved in Founder's Day, I'm behind you all one hundred percent!!

I'm already missing you all ><

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dinner at thai express! ((: Poor lincoln has to bear with us all ( no it should be the other way round! )
HUANGCHENG! was a success seriously! ((:

the guys on the street haha!
YUPS ((:

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Sunday, March 11, 2007

OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG! i see my idol's picture there! ((:

i totally love mr yap ok! ((: i tink hes so funny, but unfortunately i dozed off during his maths tute last friday )): HAHA! sorry!

anyways, theres huangcheng later! maybe we should plan something too, like during the march holidays. im sure nobody wants to rot at home ( OR maybe everyones busy catching up) ARGH no more honeymoon period for us all! )): hais.

anyways! yups! ((: I WANA step down. i dont wana be the empress dowager! )): hahahaha some small fry will do yups! and prince yan please stop flirting, one wife is enough ok! have gotta be faithful. OHOH maybe i can be like prince yan's gay partner! LOL. whatever!~ totally gay.

ok. cya guys!

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Yo my fellow muggers (and a few heretical slackers)! How are you enjoying the hols? I'm really bored... Like everyone else, I sincerely hope we don't get split up. But if we do, I'm glad to have at least been with everyone in A13 for the first three months in HC. :)

Anyway, don't you think this looks like a certain someone? (hint: how time fries...)

Sorry if I told you this during History lecture before.

Right. I'll now continue spending the rest of the holidays rotting at home and cheering Middlesbrough on in the FA Cup. :)

Okay, see you all at dinner/huangcheng! I shall er, try my best to be punctual.


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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Yesterday, the His Her Highness the Crown Prince Yan and her (?) third wife went on a date.

They had dinner at some ulu-ated and crammed a romantic spot.

The Crown Prince showed off his her prowness (in eating) by accidentally squirting chicken juice onto the window in front.

They also probably ruined both Nanyang's and HCI's reputation by attempting to camwhore at A HIGHLY QUESTIONABLE LOCATION (crowded orchard underpass), as demonstrated above.

Just had to put this up. XD

The Crown Prince's 3rd wife, who for some reason just cannot stop referring to herself in 3rd person, humbly thinks ruining the school's reputation is a sure understatement, judging by their shopping list yesterday.

Last but not least...


secret lovers
incestrous partners 等
请尽快与太子make appointment去约会
Terms and conditions apply.

PSS: To Huan - Have fun in Japan! I'll be praying for your safety and take good care of yourself and my 10 000 Yen! (:

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hey those going for huangcheng tomorrow nite, we're meeting together for dinner @ cafe cartel. Meet @ city hall mrt station BY 4.45. I put this early cuz people confirm late one hahaha. Anyway yeah meet 4.45pm @ city hall mrt station we're heading over to cafe cartel to makan. And we should have time to buy other stuff too.

Pls leave me a sms or tag @ the board to say whether you can make it or not.



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Friday, March 09, 2007

Class Accounts for Feb 2007

Money collected for class fund:
$10 x 25 = $250

Item(s) Amt of $ paid Remarks
History notes $85.30 + $3.00 $85.30 taken from previous class fund. $3 taken from current class fund. $0.50 left over from previous class fund
Hair bands $37.00 -
CNY food/drink stall
4 pkts of grass jelly
2 packets of cups

Vanguard + board

Ice pops + drinks

$11.60 together



The guys lost the receipt. Required handwritten account from them.
GP notes $6.25 -
Math notes $40.00 + $1.60 Series 3: Graphing (with Rachel’s copy = 25 copies)
GP notes (again) $6.25 -
?? (econs/history) $33.75 Sorry, I forget what it was for. :( I do have the receipt though.
Total expenditure $163.95 -
Amount left $86.55 5 people still have not paid class fund.

Will post the accounts for JTS soon. Some of the CNY money has gone into JTS. Some people still haven't paid for JTS. Can I collect from you all during Huang Cheng?
Is there anyone who also forget to pay for his/her meal during JTS?

A/N: File of class accounts uploaded to class yahoo groups. Please read them to ensure that I am not fleecing the class money. >.<

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LOL! YUPS. i dont know why, but i was emo-ing a little on my way back. The CT session was a little, hmm. yi yi bu she ba! ): its just like you dont know if they're gonna reshuffle or so, or perhaps open up a new class for CSE? i dont know. AND i even chose the wrong combi- i took geolitmathecons! whatever happened to history! ): i hope i will get the CSE combi, seriously ):

(: yups. happy march holidays and lets all pray! we're gonna be in the same class. A13 ROCKS (:
YAY our 3rd class outing ( considered as class outing lar HOr!) - huang cheng! THIS SUNDAY! (: yups yups
huang cheng ppl, jiayou! it feels weird without them. so few in class today lar! (:
Jasmine played with my phone and TOOK pictures at the toilet! (: HAHAHA its not me camwhoring or taking pictures this time round! (:
Yups linghuan and yan an! (: i suppose its all about the red hairband thing! (: RED ROCKS.
Yan an in nygh uni (: apparently they call it hongzi LOL (: i just learnt this new term!

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Thursday, March 08, 2007

LOL! we got sabo-ed. Ytd nite, we had this mass convo, trying to 抗议 and attempted to pon pe lesson! LOL . BECAUSE SOMEONE STARTED SPREADING THAT WE're SO GONNA HAVE SWIMMING LESSON TODAY! so everyone was like, no way no way. YA
and i wore school uniform to school today. no pe attire! couldnt do pe la! then mr ram said, we're all going to gym again. SIAN! ): cannot do anything other than camwhoring! LOL. TA-da thats me! in hci's uniform. FINALLY. i cannot stand cedar's uni le ):
ANYWAY. look at how many ppl not in pe attire. we all got sabo-ed ok. trust me ):
calvin posing! LOL

trust me. this is the most slack thing you can find in the gym! LOL.
MATH LECT (: MR YAP IS SO MY IDOL! HAHA hes funny really. but i had problem concentrating. perhaps its just math, not the teacher.
alrights! last day of school tmrw. and i haven changed my subject combi! GRAHH! something wrong with the isp! seriously. AND AND AND!! (: hopefully nobodys going away, and i dont wana leave the class either (: YUPS !!
END OF TERM1 so scary! come to tink of it, ive joined you guys for like 1 month plus or so! WHEE! HAHA (: anyway,i felt so 'senior' seeing all those 2nd intakers HAHAHA YAY! at least im no longer lost, and im so part of hwachong now ok! (: HAHA. ok crap. yups.
as for huang cheng! are we meeting first before going to vch on sunday? and and and are we getting flowers for the huang cheng ppl! LOL censored that part BUT BUT BUT kelly requested flowers too. not surprise le la, anyway anyhow! JIAYOU! (:

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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

hey everyone,

this is the first time I'm blogging... what a noob right?!!! but nvm, looking on the brighter side, I'm making a BREAKTHROUGH!!! (round of applause pls)

today's history test was a killer and rather a spoilsport... :( i bet most of you w
ould agree with it. right?? but being in an arts class, we should not be too concern, cos LIFE IS NOT JUST ABOUT STUDIES, IT'S ABOUT FUN!!!! esp. in 07A13:D

Here are some pictures of the last moments tht we had before we faced our harsh reality this morning...

yummy yum yum

what's rachel and yinghao doing??? tsk tsk...

errrrrrr..... this is NOT scandalous!!!!! (yingtse pls dun kill me)

Tht's all for today... cos the uploading speed is really slow
! continue to have fun, everyone, cos 1st term is coming to an end... hope our class will stay intact after JAE...

and lastly, jiayou for those in huangcheng... production is this weekend, so pls take care of urselves! and also jiayou for those running for council... BRING GLORY TO 07A13!!!:D


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