Sunday, February 17, 2008

junior treat senior lol


jillian marilyn linghuan nikky

miss universe and me! :)

the class a13 :)
class guys. ( those who didnt turn up uhhh!! haha too bad luh)

class girls :)
junior senior a13 :)

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Saturday, February 16, 2008



DATE: 17/02/08 THIS SUN
VENUE: Meet at Toa Payoh MRT control station

we'll be walking over to toa payoh's sakura outlet! yeah

apparently, seoul garden is ex-er and sakura is nicer. etc. etc. so SAKURA IS THE NEW HAPPENING PLACE TO BE."

Pass the word around! Not everyone might see this or their website in time! Thanks!

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Friday, February 15, 2008

YIPEE! My comp can on bluetooth! yipee! aha...okayx..TIME FOR PHOTOS!

XUE RONG'S BIRTHDAY! !!!!!!!!:):) gd job to the planners! ALL THE BEST TO XUERONG IN THE COMING YEAR! JIAYOU in everything you do and may you continue be smart! pretty! sporting and a great A13 pal!!!!!!!

A13! DISCUSS DISCUSS! PLAN PLAN! hehe...SURPRISE! the plan was to go upstairs then we got 9 boxes of gifts then xue rong on the ground level needs to run and catch 1 by 1...haha...COOL EHX! but it half worked O!Miss Poh had class nearby and came out twice to ask us be quieter! ><>


monkey trying to be dog? dog eating up monkey? hmmm><

2 apples!'s a little funny...doctors AWAY! xuerong didnt catch e box properly so 1 poor apple is half smashed....

Yipee! XueRong's forced to do the chicken dance on her bday to get her no.9 present! :):) She dance v sporting! dance v well! yay!

What's going on!?

FIRE DRILL! very impt o! must be too random...just thought to add some photos to e blog so started taking random shots!
Everyone reporting at e field orderly! gd job!
Weird look from Mr Sim Chun & umm...Qinsheng abit normal ah...aha, e other 2 look like e other 2...diaoz><

The FIVE PEOPLE! diaoz...hee, sry coz my hp auto zoom out when take photo...Qinsheng still looks weird...Yu Xuan looks abit fire still can drink peacefully ah...haha, Simchun abit more normal le...e other 2 still look like e other 2=spastic.

Errr...supposed to take the gals discussing...i think abt cross country or vday...yea!

Don't worry! the 2 of e triplets not quarrelling! They're deciding whether to go shopping after cross country! :)

Lastly! Random shots!!!

Above 2 photos are wonderful pokemon little toys from MARILYN'S PENCIL BOX! ahhh! super cute! (though i nt exactly a fan of pokemon) Marilyn has e whole set at home!!!!

CNY! hmmm...jesslyn's supposed to be one of the dancers up there! hehe...jesslyn i really gt take o! too bad nt standing front enough!


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Saturday, February 09, 2008

helo miss universe hahaha okay this is missymumu posting AGAIN zzz
we had the most unsuccessful class girls outing. only 5 of us turned up, the rest all BUSY LIKE SHIT
so random cmawhoringoutside taka hahaha

and in the foodcourt. haha


:D:D:D:D outside kino with xuerong super clear hp :)

:) :) :)
i v tired luh, just updated a hell lot of pictures. anyway happy chu san one more day till i see the class again. hahaha

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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

happy chinese new year! gong xi fa caiiiiiiiiiiiiii :) :) :)

okay im here to blog the pictures again, lol i hope im efficient :) :) must update faster so that we can all enjoy the pictures :)

the class girls waiting fer assembly in the morning :)

playing pig :)

dijieus at central plaza with mr quek and his sunflower :)the yusheng convey belt
haha as usual everyone is HAPPEEE
marilyn and kelly :)

the cse girls!

calvin chia!
we were playing with the yusheng LOL damn crazy
kelly and yiyuan!

mr quek and shuohan!

the class girls with yusheng!

a13!! :) :) :)

and the few of us went off for our class reunion lunch :)

i wish everyone a prosperous RAT yearrrrrrrrrrrrrr
and we'll all ace our As :):):):)
gong xifa caiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

*msn me for the pictures okay*

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