Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Yoz guys... my first tag for the class. As the oldest, I feel obliged to say a few words. Well, I wanna say a big thank you to you guys for celebrating my birthday! Thanks Kelly and Huan who had to fake going toilets so that you guys can plan my birthday. Thanks DJ for faking that you forgot my birthday. Thanks $1 for buying the YUMMY cake. Thanks Miss Liew for the very nicely decorated card. Thanks my angel for sneaking out of school to buy me cake. Lastly I wanna thanks 07A13 and pple who appeared for the surprise party!!! haha. I promise as the class AC, together with yuxuan, we WILL plan fun acitivites for the class and together with the welfare ICs (DJ & Lynnie), we'll make all your birthdays unforgettable! muahaha. *DBSK rock k jasmine :)


posted by marilynho at 10:00 PM