Wednesday, February 14, 2007

HEY HO! : )

i <3 A13!!! :) anyway, 谢谢大家的关心!!

yes, im feeling so much better now! :( AND I MISSED OUT ON GP, FIREDRILL & CROSS COUNTRY!!! :( ARRGHHH!!! omg. im not gonna miss out on any other fun! YES YES YES!! :)

everyone drink more water, and sleep sleep sleep. dont be like me, fell sick AT THIS TIME. no way! cny is coming.. :) btw, gotta thank the guys for giving the girls gift! :)

a13 rocksss! :)

anw, shheesshh. i tink the pillows at the sickbay stinks!:( and its really warm there.lolz!

posted by *米西mumu* at 10:48 PM