Sunday, February 11, 2007

Hello people, yuxuan here and im posting for the first time. Dramafeste people who brought cameras can you all please post e pics? I didnt bring my cam!! > <

Ares brought the house down and everyone knows it : )

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, must make/buy stuffs for you angels and mortals k! And for whoever else you wanna give it to.

AND THEN HOR, we should have a JTS SOON!! ANY IDEAS?? Some of the guys thought of doing JTS and STJ together at e same time by going for a chalet. In that sense where seniors treat juniors for e accomodation and juniors treat seniors back for e food. Or the other way round. Some of us suggested it shuld be soon, during a weekend, meaning fri,sat,sun. Some of us thought that we should have a JTS outing FIRST. THen after that do the chalet idea, during march hols or sth. But march hols we'll be missing out some of the OAC seniors. Hm..

How does it sound? : )

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