Saturday, February 17, 2007

qinsheng says:
Hey y'all homies (:

Firstly, I'd like to congratulate our class for making a huge profit during yesterday's CNY celebrations!

Anyway, this was how the day/night went for the icepop delivery crew (:

Thanks dijie and simchun for making a trip down to ten mile to get the icepops at 6 cents per stick! I can imagine how difficult it is for two people to carry 6 X 9 kg of icepops back. And dijie you perv, looking at simlin ><.

Then at 10pm, me calv yiyuan and yuxuan went to simchun's house to get the icepops. But then we realised. THERE WASN'T ENOUGH SPACE FOR 500 ICEPOPS. Luckily lynn's mum was able to go around and finally find a place at the 7-11 near coro to store our icepops. Thanks a lot :D

After that really busy period, we went to calv's house to slack, while simchun had to squat at home cause his father didn't allow him to :(. His house is so neat and organised and spacious not to mention a whole load of trophies in his room and a cute brother (: heh. Headed to cineleisure kbox to meet some a13 seniors + shiuyuen. Honestly, it was a pretty wasted trip. We wasted 22 bucks on the cab fare (due to some dumb fat driver who apparently doesnt know where he's going and was trying to keep awake all along) and then 8 bucks on kbox, in which we pretty much stoned (i was dozing off) for around 30 mins except for yuxuan, who was really into singing zhangxueyou canton songs.

calv, yuxuan and me (obviously sleeping)

We then wanted to go pool together, but kpool closes at 3:45, and we didnt want to waste an hour's pool money on 25 mins of playing. So in the end we joined the seniors at youth park. Had a pretty good guy-to-guy talk while seniors were practising fac dance at the road side.

in the midst of emptiness;

After that we just cabbed to calv's home (wasting another arnd, 14 bucks?) to take a lil rest, before leaving for school. Now that explains why the four of us were looking like zombies yesterday.

Ahhhh. I guess I should stop here now. I wasn't feeling really well physically and emotionally yesterday. So see y'all on wednesday and have a HAPPY chinese new year! :)

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