Tuesday, March 20, 2007

hey y'all! its qinsheng here (:

its GAMES DAY tmr. and yes, ARES will work towards winning as much cash as possible for fac outing! though games day is obviously an event to prevent us C1s from ponning school, but do give your utmost support and have fun! to the people who're participating in sports, jiayou and do your best!

for your information, these are the people taking part in the various sports:
1) table tennis - simchun, yiyuan
2) badminton - yinghao, kelly, linghuan
3) basketball(boys) - yuxuan, shuohan
4) volleyball(boys) - calvin, qinsheng
5) volleyball(girls) - xuerong

i think thats all? im not sure haha. do update me if you're playing in any sport! by the way the pictures for yesterday's birthday celebration is still in my phone. ill post them soon (: till then, seeya and enjoy tmr!

posted by qinsheng at 11:18 PM