Friday, March 09, 2007

LOL! YUPS. i dont know why, but i was emo-ing a little on my way back. The CT session was a little, hmm. yi yi bu she ba! ): its just like you dont know if they're gonna reshuffle or so, or perhaps open up a new class for CSE? i dont know. AND i even chose the wrong combi- i took geolitmathecons! whatever happened to history! ): i hope i will get the CSE combi, seriously ):

(: yups. happy march holidays and lets all pray! we're gonna be in the same class. A13 ROCKS (:
YAY our 3rd class outing ( considered as class outing lar HOr!) - huang cheng! THIS SUNDAY! (: yups yups
huang cheng ppl, jiayou! it feels weird without them. so few in class today lar! (:
Jasmine played with my phone and TOOK pictures at the toilet! (: HAHAHA its not me camwhoring or taking pictures this time round! (:
Yups linghuan and yan an! (: i suppose its all about the red hairband thing! (: RED ROCKS.
Yan an in nygh uni (: apparently they call it hongzi LOL (: i just learnt this new term!

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