Thursday, March 01, 2007


Qin Sheng you're not inept! I just talk too much. That's all.

Ok. So still nobobdy wants to talk about doing CIP, I shall be PROACTIVE about it and mention it in class. Once the history test next week is out of our faces... I'll try and get my research done by then. But then. I'm the only noob in this class with no broadband interenet access. It's painful sitting around waiting for a site to load. [E.g. Hotmail just opens in a flash for you guys, for me it's a matter of minutes]

AND MY SCHOOL COMP ACCOUNT DOESN'T WORK. Though my ny one still does.

Hmm. Since Qin Sheng brought up the sea general thingy, can I ask where our class family tree is?! and what happened to it. I know I'm supposed to be. Royal Physician. Or is it Imperial. But anyway I can -to quote yiyuan loosely - "confirm plus guarantee chop" that you will die at my inept hands. I REQUEST*DEMAND* FOR A CHANGE IN OFFICE POST. Oh and why do the guys get all the impt posts? Like the girls are resigned to our fates as concubines, wives, children, nannies and physicians. If this was in Amazon we would get a big role reversal.

Anyway. According to Yanan, she's taking me as second wife, Jasmine as third, and she's having an affair with Marilyn. Yay. The road to a more scandalous life =) We're beginning to look more like an imperial family now.

Hmm I agree we should make our profile more interesting! Like maybe everyone write a cryptic one-line description of yourself.

Us lit students are going to the music room opposite LT 5 for lecture again tomorrow. The whole place smells like a cross between Bubblegum and perfumed ballpoint pens. We however, un/fortunately did not get high on the smell on Monday. And we're clueless as to why the carpets are WET.

AND WE SCREWED OUR UNSEEN UP. Or at least I did ><

HuangCheng people jia you!!! Production is next week... Hope you all don't get nerves! Can't wait to see you all performing...

Ok. For STJ. Last I heard was that this wk and next, a lot of ppl can't make it. So it's not going to happen most likely. Then the hols are reserved for the seniors' mugging for Block Test/OAC-ers going on camp. I guess after block tests would be a good time? Apparently it's gonna be at Jun Hong's place (condo function room).

Anyone watching Talentime? I'm thinking of going cos my mortal will be performing. But I don't want to go alone... *whine*

Ok. I'm hungry. Going off to find stuff to munch on! Bye...

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