Sunday, April 01, 2007

Hey people! It's qinsheng here, back from weeks of preparing for council elections and organising a last minute weekend scout camp. Coming/staying in school everyday for two weeks has never felt so good.

Anyway, there's an immense lagging of the KAP photos. To refresh your minds, remember the time when I pasted curry, bbq, sweetnsour sauce covers on the teeth of that little girl picture on the wall at KAP?

Well, things have been taken to the next level last night at serene centre, 2am.

More vandalised statues of mc-characters coming soon to a place near you (:

Meanwhile, enjoy your weekends! Hope I get to muster enough courage to crack a R _ _ _ _ _ joke on Tuesday. I'm joking hahahahahaha. Okay not funny.

Hopefully STJ on thursday will be a blast! And I need my 75 dollars (plus around 7 dollars or so for GP notes) ><. Looks like its time to collect class fund again. Go treasurer!

- qinsheng

posted by qinsheng at 1:21 PM