Saturday, April 14, 2007


im here to revive the blog too. Thank you yuxuan's attempt to do so, but seriously nobody cares about the blog anymore. Not even tagging )): really very pathetic and miserable. ha!

and i missed the 3rd birthday celebration again. im like officially mia-ing from school now la. 2 days of mc and i missed out so many fun again!! )): next time i shall travel to school to join in bdae celebration. hahaha!

anyway. i took alot of pictures but im seriously lazy to upload them. so i ended up deleting them too ( try having like tonnes of yx&qs&sc pictures - somethings very wrong to have all guys pictures in a girl's hp rite!) so i might as well delete them all. i think i must spread the camwhoring spirits around, girls must camwhore abit more so that i have pictures to post. haha!

and simchun's video, the one we took during PW session. (: FARNIE.

oh yes. everyone jiayou for the math lecture test on monday. and grah. i dont wana get U again. MR TANNNNNNNNNN SAVE MEEEE!

posted by *米西mumu* at 2:57 PM