Wednesday, February 06, 2008

TADA! PHOTOS UPDATE FROM LONG LONG LONG LONG LONG LONG TIME AGO! yipee...sorry for e super duper late has been saved in my comp pretty long ago but i didnt upload it up yet...hehehe...but nvm! let me try post everything from past to present to rewind time yea?! hahaha...yipeeeeeeeeee...sorry the photos are mostly v v v v blur coz taken from my hp...but yup! hope it'll do some help to REVIVE our class blog while e cny photos r being saved n uploaded soon too!!!!! YAY YAY! LET'S START!

These are taken after J1 ortientation night! I got them from Liping who's unable to post yet...ehhhh...e photo v blur!!!!!! o well, nvm! senior juniors a13 ROX! haha...

Aha~this photo we took it tgt aft jesslyn's MAF dance performance!Yay...xiaomei so preeettty! haha...e balloon's from jessamin n me! wahaha! YAY!
HAHA! do u pple rmb wheres this place?! tada! it's JESSLYN'S HOUSE! haha...we went there to help cook noodles for the noodle people for PW! so fun! nxt time class outing go someone's house eat instant noodles:P><

DING DING DING! CLASS STAYOVER at DiJie's HoUSE!!!!!!!! HAHA...this is wonderful Simchun hugging a...ummm...banana?!
Yipee! Kelly and Marilyn...Marilyn obviously abit weird...>< Please judge for urself Calvin's dress sense...totally CMI! hahahaha!but he came from some trg or smtg so hmmm...o well, nvm...

SIM CHUN'S TURN TO SING! Hahaha...can rmb his wonderful singing?! 1 person sing multiple voices...PRO! high pitch until cannot take it too...hahaha

Yiyuan! Yea! another person who is always singing that night!
Ling Huan's turn!!!:)she loves singing n sing v nice too!!!Applaud!!!!!!!!
I think Yu Xuan was singing!? he loves oldies! but he can sing them v well too!
PIZZAAAAAAAA! yipee yipee! o! still got oranges! i rmb marilyn n yinghan's way of eating oranges v v v v eeeekkk...hmmm too bad i dun haf e photo already! AIYA! nvm, go spy at them eat oranges to recall k!

cakeeeee cakeeeee---this is e extremely rich rich choco cake we had last yr! chao niceee!thx lynn!
hahhaa...e doraemon from senior class de...obviously it caught qinsheng's attention who seriously needs a pillow! ahaha!
AHHHHH! e doraemon chao cuteee!
Lynn loves doraemon too! haha...according to my knowledge of jesslyn, she loves doraemon too! wow! so many doraemon lovers!!!!!! hee!

YAY! shd be that's all for the moment!


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